It is a great FIT!

I went to my bike fit appointment yesterday. I went to one of the best bike fitters in the country and from what I learned yesterday one of the first to use the ReTul system. Greg ( also trained others on the ReTul bike fitting system. This system uses data collected before and after to determine the best fit for each person. Who knew for the past two years we had this expert (Greg) living in Las Vegas. People fly in from everywhere to train with him and get their bikes fit by him. When I found out about Greg I sent several clients to him. I was going to go to him last year and then I got a new bike and thought I felt pretty good on it. So rather than spend the money (which was stupid) I decided to wait. After a few more people went to him and talked about how great he was, I thought I should go through the process. I was still thinking to myself that I felt pretty good on my bike. I had a slight amount of discomfort in my shoulders on my longer rides but nothing major seemed wrong. I have always had tightness in my hips and psoas but was not sure of the cause. With my Ironman just around the corner in May I wanted everything to be just right!

Greg ( fits pro cycling teams, top athletes, coaches top athletes, puts on camps and clinics and is an expert in the field of endurance sports. He started by getting some measurements (I think that is what he was doing) on my bike using the ReTul system. He did some testing on me to determine some of my biomechanical issues. The ReTul system uses hard before and after data and photo data to determine the best fit for each individual. The reason for my shoulder pain was because my bars were too far forward. According to Greg you should have about 90 degree angle at your forearm and bicep when in aero. I think he said I was over 100 degree. He was not able to get 90 degree but he got close at 93 degree. He also raised my seat quite a bit. I was surprised that my seat was too low. Before he raised my seat my cadence was about 75 and when he raised it I was easily doing 85 to 90! He moved my clips on my shoes back as far as he could. I rode my bike on my trainer today and felt so much better. The best investment you can make is getting a proper fit! If you are in Vegas you need to go to Greg. He is amazing and so knowledgeable about the sport! The cost is $250 for the bike fit and takes 3-4 hours. If you choose to ride your bike without a good fit it is likely you will spend much more than $250 in the end. You will probably be going to physical therapy, a chiropractor or doctor and that is not only going to sideline your training but it will cost you money!


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