Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surf City Half Marathon Race Recap

Sunday 2/7/10 was not only Super Bowl Sunday but it was the Huntington Beach Surf City Half Marathon. I drove down with Anne on Saturday to run it on Sunday. It was a beautiful day on Sunday for the run! We drove down Saturday through torrential down pouring rain! Thank goodness Sunday the weather was beautiful!
I did not plan to run this race hard because I have not been running fast since my foot and knee were acting up. The last few runs I have felt great so I just wanted to run the entire thing pain free! I told Anne if she ran faster than me that she could talk about on my blog! Thankfully she did not because lord knows what she would say!
I have completed alot of races but only a few half marathons. The last half marathon I ran, was when I lived in Atlanta almost 4 years ago. They have a full and half marathon on Thanksgiving Day. I ran with my friends in Atlanta. I was determined to beat my friend Mike Lenhart founder of Getting2tri I ran a 1:37 and beat Mike that day! I must admit there were a few other races we ran together where he might have finished before me.
I ran the half Sunday in 1hr 51 minutes. I ran without any pain and felt great. It was a great race and I suggest it to anyone who wants to run a half or full marathon in sunny California. Anne went with me and she finished 2 minutes faster than her other half she ran in December. Below is a picture of her with her surfboard medal. Adan and Michele went and they both did great. Adan said he had a PR and finished in 1:56. There is also a picture of me and Adan after the race. Michele beat her time of her last half marathon. All in all it was a good day for everyone!

In my last blog post I talked about how all my clients were getting sick and what you can do to prevent or limit the severity of a cold or flu. As we were driving back I said to Anne that I felt like I was coming down with something. Sure enough this morning I felt sick. I am actually at home right now because I canceled my evening appointments. I have aches, chilled and stuffed up! It never fails that when you tell people you NEVER get sick, you will most likely get sick! Fortunately, I think the worst is over and I am already starting to feel better. I worked this morning and decided to come home take lots of vitamins (and NyQuil) and get rid of whatever I have. It is so funny the reaction of my clients when they realize that I am not superwoman! I told Anne yesterday that she didn't have to workout today since she ran yesterday. I said if she was feeling good to come in but if not then take the day off. I figured we would do an easy workout if she did come in. I thought for sure since I gave her an OUT she wouldn't come! I sent her a text and said that if she was thinking about coming, not to come because I wasn't feeling well. This is her text back to me word for word:

Wow and I was coming in, this is a first. Now what would Cyndee say......take some oil of Oregano, a nap and see how you feel, you can work through your sickness! How was that? No need for a response!

Roberts text back was:

Wow you must be dying.....feel better take lots of antibiotics and drink some caffeinated soda!

Most of the others were along the lines of, I hope you feel better type of response. I hope all my clients tonight (Anne, Heather, Jamie, Robert, Lyzie, Sandra) get in the gym and do some sort of workout tonight! I try to teach them well and they all work really hard when they come!
I guess I deserve the smart a$# comments. I do try every angle to get them into the gym. Pam called me today and had to cancel because she broke her big toe and I told her we would do upper body only! She said she was in pain and was going to the doctor. I felt bad and said OK. I really hate for people to miss workouts it really does bother me! I feel like I really need to do everything I can to get them to move!
Hopefully I will be feeling better by this weekend because I have a planned trip to St. George Utah to ride and run on the Ironman course. Jimmy and Christian are two friends from Atlanta that are doing the race. They will be getting here Friday and we will be going there on Saturday. I hope to ride at least 90 miles of the course Saturday. Sunday I want to do one loop of the bike course and one loop of the run course. It should be a great weekend of training! BTW Christian was another one I beat in the Half Marathon in Atlanta:) I am slightly competitive!

So here I am feeling crappy taking Oil of Oregano, EmergenC, Zinc, and Nyquil. Tomorrow is a new day and I am sure I will be recovered!


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